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Effective communications and collaboration are critical to efficient business operations, client satisfaction and speed to market.  The traditional premise based solution offers many benefits, but the speed and flexibility required by many small and mid-sized businesses sometimes isn’t there.  


Hosted/Cloud solutions can deliver to clients a full set of unified communication and collaboration features and capabilities 

in a dramatically more efficient cost model.  The technology, servers and software reside in our data center reducing your 

costs and support resources.  


Whether in your car, at a client, working at home or in a remote office, our communications platform finds you and allows you the ability to access the same features as your colleagues.  You can communicate, collaborate and access the information required to make important decisions.  Decisions that will allow your customers to solve problems, chase new opportunities and grow their business.  There are no significant up front capital expenditures and you simply pay a monthly fee per user.  The technology delivers reliable quality voice services and is fully redundant to address disaster scenarios. 


In addition, the fact that the technology resides in our data center generates a number of significant benefits. 


·        The upfront capital costs on implementation are significantly less

·        You can reduce your own on-site voice support resources or refocus them on other IT projects

·        You only pay for the number of users that currently are accessing the system features - you’re not paying for ports for users that aren’t there

·        The monthly fee structure makes your voice costs more predictable and budgeting easier

·        You can access Unified Communications functionality on individual sets or all the sets

·        Clients can easily grow – no upgrades of cabinets or shelves - it’s simply adding phones at a monthly charge

·        No on-site PBX means that you receive savings on energy, space and power costs

·        FREE local and long distance calling for employees

·        Our data center has complete redundancy, offering advantages during outages you may not normally have

We Help Clients:

  • Control cost and create predictable budgets

  • Easily and inexpensively transition to Unified Communications

  • Simply pay a per device charge each month and scale as needed

  • Get FREE local and long distance calling

  • Reduce energy costs and refocus on-site technical resources

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